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Ausflugsziele an der Amalfiküste, der Golf von Neapel und Sorrent

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Costiera Amalfitana - the land where the lemons grow

Destinations for excursions - Gulf of Naples

Gulf of Naples - Gulf of Salerno - Amalfi Coast Italy

Amalfi - Gulf of Naples a friendly and inviting little town on the side of a hill

The coastal towns where it is the most pleasant:

  • Vietri sul Mare – ceramic-art wherever you turn
  • Cetara – a fishing town
  • Maiori – and elegant town with a popular beach area - Our recommendation: Reginna Palace Hotel
  • Minori – the lovely “little sister”
  • Atrani – amazing cliffs and cays
  • Amalfi – a friendly little town on the side of a hill
  • Furore – “the town that doesn’t exist”
  • Praiano – a small fishing town
  • Positano – a picturesque perfect coastline town
  • Ravello – the home of the famous music festivals
  • Scala – a town with a majestic view
  • Tramonti – the town between the hills

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Day excursions:

City Sightseeing Naples and Day Trips to Pompeii, Vesuvius, Isle of Capri

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