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Ausflugsziele und Sehenswürdigkeiten in Salerno in Kampanien
Costiera Amalfitana - the land where the lemons grow

Excusion - Salerno

Salerno, Italy vacations

Salerno has a really southern flair to it. The sun shines most all year round and the temperatures stay fairly mild. Most of the activity in the city is to be found in the little streets and cafes in the historic center of the city.

Dome of Salerno

Salerno, Italy vacations - Bead at the sea and paradise of shopping

Salerno isn't a very popular town with the foreign tourists. Partly because of that, it is a good place to do some shopping, as the prices are lower than in more northern parts of Italy.
If you come by car you should make use of the large parking lot directly by the ocean, because once you get into the historic part of town places to park your vehicle are very few and far between.
They name Salernum was given to this town by the Romans who conquered the Etruscans there in 194 B.C.. The great castle of Salerno was built in the 5th century.
In 1077 the Normans subjugated Salerno and put it under the rule of Roberto il Guiscardo.

Shopping street of Salerno

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The Dome, the San Matteo cathedral and it's cloister originate from the 11th century.

Due to the flourishing economy of this town, a school of medicine was erected and was one of the first and most important schools of this kind in the Middle Ages.

In November of 1980 a great earthquake shook the foundations of this town. Over 3,100 people were buried under the rubble during this earthquake. About 335,000 more were without shelter. Even today you can see the impact that this earthquake had. Especially on some of the streets in the historic part of town, there are many houses that are empty because people are afraid that they the roofs will cave in on them.