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Ravello, Musikfestspiele an der Amalfiküste
Costiera Amalfitana - the land where the lemons grow

Ravello Italy Amalfi Coast

RAVELLO - The famous music festivals with their own unique atmosphere

Ravello - the cathedral square with cafes

The beauty of this town, its freedom and daintiness, has always been inspiring to it's residents as well as its visitors. One of the richest men who ever lived in Ravello had his mansion built on one of the ledges in this town. Over the centuries it has become a real draw for tourists from all over.
This mansion, called the Villa Rufulo, has been mentioned by Boccacio in the Decameron, Richard Wagner also found his inspiration for the stage set of his opera Parsifal here.
These days Ravello is especially famous for it's music festivals which take place there every summer. This tradition was started by Wagner himself in 1953.
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Ravello Italy Amalfi Coast

Villa Rufolo - Once privately owned, this mansion was bought by the state and is now used as a place to nurture culture and artistry in this region of Italy. It is now a place to take classes, see exhibitions... etc.
The premises of this mansion is the area where the music festivals take place, usually in the open air. There is much of this mansion to see; the cloister, the big tower, the dining hall, the baths and the Belvedere.

Villa Cimbrone - Another famous mansion is the Villa Cimbrone, that was built in one of the most charming places of this town.

Music festival in Ravello

The builder, Lord Greenthorpe from England, constructed on that exact spot so that the breathtaking view could be captured. Today it is used as an exclusive hotel and is favored especially because of its secluded location, far away from the masses.

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