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Furore, zwischen dem Golf von Salerno und der Amalfiküste
Costiera Amalfitana - the land where the lemons grow

Furore - Italy Amalfi Coast

Furore – the village that doesn't esist

Furore - natural port of the Fjord

Where you can hear the silence

You can reach Furore by driving about 7km from the coast on the winding roads of the Serpentine Mountains. From there you have an amazing panoramic view of the exquisite coast and the Gulf of Salerno. Furore is a town of about 800 inhabitants whose houses are built all over the hillside. This town just radiates peace and quiet.
The majestic view clears your mind and gives you a sense of freedom that is hard to find.
You can almost feel the lush green nature as you look over the lemon trees filled with the bright yellow citrus fruit and the vineyards full of grapes just waiting to be made into the vintage wine that Italy is popular for. 


Furore valley, Italy Amalfi Coast

Romance in the fjord

A prodigy of nature – the fjord

Magnificent gorges with overhanging rocks and wind gaps high above the waves give visitors an unforgettable experience.
Going through these massive stone bridges or climbing the narrow stairs up to the fishing towns, can be a unique adventure for those who risk taking part in it.
Whoever can afford to spend a vacation here should take this chance and enjoy the combination of:

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