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Italienische Küche. Zwischen Palermo und Neapel.
Costiera Amalfitana - the land where the lemons grow

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Invitation to Italian Cooking

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Regional Italian Cuisine:
Typical Recipes and Culinary Impressions from All Regions

Does anyone need yet another coffee-table book on Italian cooking? This reasonably priced volume is filled with color photographs of scenery, people, and food. However, it's a translation of a 1991 German book, and the recipe instructions are often confusing or awkward; furthermore, most of the recipes are available in myriad other Italian cookbooks. Michele Scicolone's recent Savoring Italy (LJ 10/15/99) has both stunning color photographs and excellent recipes, and it's the one to choose.

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Nonna's Italian Kitchen

Nonna's Italian Kitchen transports you into the heart and soul of an Italian kitchen. Soundly written, well researched and innovative, Bryanna Grogan's ability to blend traditional Italian cuisine with vegetarianism is magical, and she easily imparts both her skills and love of good food to novice...

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A Treasury of Italian Cuisine: Recipes, Sayings and Proverbs in Italian and English

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Pizzeria: The Best of Casual Pizza Oven Cooking

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The Classic Cuisine of the Italian Jews II: More Menus, Recollections and Recipes

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LA Cucina Di Lidia: Distinctive Regional Cuisine
from the North of Italy

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Italian Cuisine: A Cultural History (Arts and Traditions of the Table)

The latest volume in the Art and Traditions of the Table series focuses on the cultural history of Italian cooking. With an authoritative command of the subject, Capatti and Montanari trace the changing vocabulary of Italy's earliest cookbooks from classical Latin to vernacular Italian, showing how this shift reflected the increasing significance of passing culinary skill from one generation to the next. Bit by bit, Italian cookbook writers also eliminated Gallicisms from their vocabulary to express the uniqueness of Italian cooking. Pleasures of the table then, as today, related to images of health and well being, the north favoring voluptuous fatness, the south tending to ascetic thinness. The authors limn the decline of the servant class and the gradual shift to femininity in the Italian kitchen. Contrary to contemporary emphases on Italian cookery as an agglomeration of microcuisines, Capatti and Montanari stress its unity across the nation. This relentlessly academic work has an impressive bibliography of historic Italian sources. Mark Knoblauch
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Saveur Cooks Authentic Italian: Savoring the Recipes and Traditions of the World's Favorite Cuisine

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