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Anfahrt Amalfiküste
Costiera Amalfitana - the land where the lemons grow

Italy's Amalfi Coast - How to get there

What you should know:

Music summer festival Ravello

Italian Cuisine and Specialities

Directions to the coast of Amalfi:

You can reach the coast of Amalfi by driving on the highway - Autostrada A1. You have to pass by Naples and take the exit to Vietri sul Mare. Once you get off of the highway and closer to the ocean you will have an amazing view of the coast and the ocean.

Furthermore you can drive along the serpentine road where you will pass through many little cultured towns that portray the prosperity of this region. You will read names like Cetara, Maiori, Minori, Atrani, Amalfi, Positano as well as Ravello, which is famous for the Wagner music festival.

Driving on these streets definitely takes practice, because the streets are winding and narrow. Often the large busses bringing tourists clog up the streets and cause traffic jams. The native bus drivers have made it a habit to honk before turning on a tight curve, as to warn those coming the other way.

Public bus routes:

  • Amalfi - Pompeji - Napoli
  • Napoli - Sorrent - Positano - Amalfi
  • Amalfi - Maiori - Vietri - Salerno
  • Amalfi - Agerola - Castellamare - Napoli
  • Amalfi - Ravello - Scala

If you are a tourist from a foreign country visiting this area it would be helpful to find out a few things about the lifestyle of the people in Naples. Most everything for them is decided on the spot ( e.g. which bus goes where when). Usually everything works out in the end if you just relax and be patient. After all it is a vacation and you don’t need to worry about time. The people there are flexible and so if you work with them a little you can usually get what it is you want.

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Amalfi Coast:

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