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Musikfestspiele Ravello
Costiera Amalfitana - the land where the lemons grow

Italy's Amalfi Coast - Music Festival Ravello

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Music summer festival Ravello

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The music festival of Ravello

The music festival offers a number of possibilities to experience cultural events ranging from chamber orchestras to symphonic orchestras, from ballet to cinema, from discussion circles to good old fashion entertainment.

To satisfy even the highest demands, only the best formations are summoned to this festival. You will also find many amazing solo artists and even famous people there.


Map with an overall view

The Wagner festival

The section of the Ravello festival where you can hear symphonies is forever linked to the name Richard Wagner, who lived in Ravello in 1880. For about 51 years, this has been the high point of this festival where an international audience has the privilege of hearing the best soloists and orchestras of the world.

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